by Patrick Edmundson


New pictures!

Check out the new pics in the skateboarding gallery. First try with flash light!

New Gallery!

I’ve uploaded a new gallery for portraits. Check it out on the menu above.

Harlye Davidson Convention 2011

This year Barcelona hosted one of the biggest Harley Davidson bike reunion. More then 18.000 bikes were to be seen there during one of the hottest weekends in the year. Check it out here


Check out the Music gallery for some pic’s from some bands at their concerts in Barcelona. You will see artist’s like the great hardcore band “Caliban”.

P.S.: You can also check out the Nature gallery to see some great mother earth creations.

Champions League 2011 celebration Fc Barcelona

Check out what I saw passing by very fast in there Champions League celebration. It was a shame that the Team drove by so quick because there were so many fans that waited to see them and they didn’t even stop for a moment so everybody got a good look at their players. Anyway, everybody was happy for the Team’s win. Click here for more.


We can’t let keep letting the goverments do what they like, how they like, and when they like. People of the world rise up and fight for your right to freedom! Ckeck out more here.

Skateboarding Championship Tenerife 2010

Here’s some new stuff!

Last 11th december the Canary Islands regional skateboarding championship circuit made a stop at Los Realejos in Tenerife for one of the last phases of the competition. Check out the pic’s here.

1st. David Fernandez
2nd. Eduardo Santana
3rd. Samuel Delgado


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