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Here we have the result of a great tour in Castellon with some of the best riders producing for #nectarinavideovol3. I hope you like the pictures just as much as I did and have the pleasure to live big great moments and good laughs. #nectarinavideo #nectarinatour

The Crew Chillin



Checkout the skateboarding gallery for some exciting new images from some of the riders that will be in the next video from our friend Miguel Castro called Nectarina. This will be the third volume of the saga and we are anctious to watch it once its finished.

Miguel Castro - Bs Flip 180

Miguel Castro – Bs Flip 180


Shrlstn Miura Live!

Chekout the few pics i was able to get at my bro’s live concert in Barcelona. We had a lot of fun and the sound was great! Checkout also his Soundcloud Shrlstn or his twitter @Sharlstan. _MG_3889

River Runs Red “Weakness of modern Life”

Check out the promo pic’s for this band’s premiere concert in Barcelona.
You will find more shots taken from the promo photoshoot for their first CD in the music gallery. Their album was released on 15th October 2010, called weakness of modern life. Powerfull and innovating hardcore band from Barcelona that will make you want to scream.

Weakness of modern Life

Band Website:


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